New Associate Director

We are pleased to announce that Liz Miller's return to running projects in the last few months has been recognised in her promotion to become an associate director of the practice.  We're delighted to have Liz on the team, contributing her considerable practical experience of a wide range of projects including work for private clients, Cambridge University Colleges and on important historic buildings.  The promotion reflects not only her architectural rôle, but also her importance in day-to-day decision making in the practice.

Liz's return to architecture comes after opting to work in a supporting and managerial rôle in recent years while bringing up her children. We are convinced that architects returning to work after a period prioritising being a parent represent a massively undervalued resource; the practical skills developed in bringing up children can only add to the considerable professional expertise that people have gathered before taking a career break.  If you are a returning mother or father looking to pick up an architectural career, perhaps starting with a period of part time work, do give us a call.

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